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Positive Reviews 

"'Record Breaking Participation' for SNA of NORTH DAKOTA when we Hired MGM 2 Years in a Row. MGM's General Session in 2014 was rated #1 by our membership.  Repeatedly, our members put on their evaluations:  BRING MGM BACK!  We Listened.  We brought MGM back for our 2015 SNA State Conference. We had Record Breaking Participation!  MGM Delivered with Back-to-back #1 Rated General Sessions.  MGM is a Passionate School Nutrition Cheerleader!"

~Lynelle Johnson -Food Services Director & SNA of ND Board Member - Conference Chair 2015

School Nutrition Association of North Dakota State Conference (SNA of ND)

"MGM has an amazing and unmatched energy and synergy with her audience. Her very positive, touching and simultaneously HYSTERICAL presentation resonated so deeply with me that I was moved to both laughter and tears.  MGM is so GENUINELY enthusiastic and connected to her message that she hijacks your endorphines, changes your paradigm and makes you want to run out of the conference hall and be the best whatever-you-happen-to-be! Very Impressed!" 

New Jersey Medical Group Management Association  (MGMA)

"MGM is absolutely the BEST motivational speaker on the subject of School Nutrition I've ever heard!! I especially LOVE how she knew what Child Nutrition employees deal with every day. MGM really hit the nail on the head at the Mississippi School Nutrition Association Annual Conference in Vicksburg, MS and at the School Nutrition Association (SNA) Annual National Conference in Denver, CO. At Both Conferences, MGM was the #1 Rated Speaker! No one can sit through her presentation and not be changed by her energy and passion."

Alyson Gillum~Director of Child Nutrition -MS
Denver, CO School Nutrition Association ANC & Mississippi School Nutrition Association State Conference (SNA)

"I think the most meaningful part of MGM's presentation was her ability to tailor the presentation to our organization's needs. It was fascinating how she brought in examples of situations we are dealing with and used them to get her points across."

Rex Etheredge
CEO Memorial Hospital Jacksonville

"The cost of MGM's presentation was worth every single cent. In fact, I would gladly have paid more to get the excellent results you provided us. You exceeded my expectations by many miles."

TW Sykes
Director, Pricing & Estimating, McDonnell Douglas

"In a competitive marketplace, MGM's wonderful 'attitude technologies' provided us with new skills, showed us ways to succeed, and taught us how to laugh! MGM left behind a strong legacy while positioning our bank as an institution that really cares about its staff and community."

Nancy Carlisle
Corporate Director, Rhinebeck Saving Bank

"Wow! I have never heard a more motivated speaker than MGM on the subject of FOOD SERVICE!"

Karen Papilli
Director of Food Services/Child Nutrition - CA

"MGM made our theme, Creating Our Future~Together, Come Alive. It was truly exceptional the way MGM wove the specific challenges of our organization into her presentations. MGM made a lasting impact on our associates."

Ed Gray, Jr.
Area VP, AT&T

"MGM was able to so deftly customize her delivery to our themes, to support our strategic objectives, and to validate the fine work that was accomplished during the day."

Jim Novak
Vice President Human Resources Sherman Health Systems

"MGM was the highlight of our conference (Virginia SFS State Conference). I knew I could count on MGM to make this the best conference ever. Every food service association should hear MGM".

Peggy Lee
Convention Program Chair, VA School Food Service

"We've had numerous keynote speakers at our Annual Marketing Conventions, but, none were as well received and appreciated as MGM. Her energy and vitality was infectious. The evaluations were through the ceiling."

Leena Saksa
Convention Planner, Finnish Marketing Federation (Country: Finland)

"I'd like to bottle MGM's energy. MGM's presentation was so customized to our grocers that they thought she owned a supermarket in the area. I highly recommend MGM...she was the hit of our conference."

Frank Vander Meer
Events Coordinator, Spartan Stores Inc.

"MGM brought my tired cafeteria staff back to life. She got us ready to go back to work and finish the year off strong!"

Mary Karutz DeLong   Yuba City, CA -In-Service for:  School Nutrition/ Child Nutrition/ School Food Service

"Maureen G Mulvaney, MGM had done research regarding our group - MGM truly spoke to us about us!!!
We walked away from our Kansas Medical Group Management Association State Conference feeling AMAZING and ready to implement new, positive ideas into our practices. Thanks MGM!!!

Stacey Berndt Kansas Medical Group Management Association (MGMA)

"I was lucky enough to have attended the Professional Staff Conference (PSA) and saw Maureen MGM Mulvaney's presentation as general session speaker. PURE NITRO!! Her message is very prositive, timely and appropriate to the concepts of 'One Maricopa'--'Changing Times' and 'Changing Environments and Attitudes'.  MGM uses humor, audience partipation and involvement to entertain, enlighten, motivate and inform.  It's no wonder she is an International Star on the Motivational Speaker Circuit." 

Joe Mercer
Maricopa Community College System -Professional Staff Association (PSA)

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Who Hires MGM?

For the past 25+ years, MGM has been perfecting her speaking skills. She earned the coveted Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from the National Speakers Association (NSA). Only a handful of the 5000 members of NSA have ever been able to earn this designation as it requires advanced speaking skills and longevity in the industry?MGM has both. Companies and Organizations Hire MGM because she is a PROFESSIONAL!

They also hire MGM because she is noted for her innovative presentations, which are filled with solid, cutting edge, content and are presented in a unique style. Her mission is always to make the material so palatable that attendees are excited about it's practical application. MGM spices up every presentation with audience participation, the right amount of humor, and huge doses of enthusiasm. People come away feeling renewed and refreshed ready to get back and apply the information. MGM is hired by:

  • Fortune 500 Corporations
  • Fortune 100 Corporations
  • Professional Associations
  • Health Care Professionals
  • Education Institutes
  • School Nutrition and School Food Services
  • Government Agencies
  • Companies and Organizations
  • Secretaries
  • Network Marketing/ MLM Companies
  • Small Business Entrepreneurs
  • Home-Based Business Entrepreneurs

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Testimonial from:

The United States District Court

District of Arizona

Probation Office

"MGM presented the “Recipes for Success” program at our annual three-day district conference. She was the first presenter of our program and set the tone for a high energy, exciting conference. MGM met with us and learned much about the nature of our work and culture of our department. We were impressed with the research she completed to make the presentation specific for our department.

Her use of humor, audience interaction and visual aides kept the attendees interested and attentive throughout the presentation. In a word, she was Awesome!!

As members on the committee that organized this conference, we would like to thank MGM and Associates for a wonderful conference. She was great to work with, was well prepared and simply exceeded our expectations.   ~Dean Angelo James Cook U.S. Probation Officers District of Arizona

Testimonals From: 

Medical Group Management Association

San Antonio, TX

Complied Session Evaluation Results from National Conference: 

"MGM was absolutely wonderful!!!!! IT should be a requirement to see her speak. What

a hoot! She taught a lot and was motivational. After all the knowledge packed, dry

seminars, this was a breath of fresh air. Her presentation is unforgettable."

  •   MGM's session had a really terrific message about positive leadership, and I was able to apply ideas at work "

  •   Very inspiring! Great job!

  •   Maureen is a very gifted and enthusiastic speaker her presentation was extremely


  •   WOW...Wow...Wow! MGM provided Exceptional Information Delivered in an

    outstanding manner. I just wandered in and could not leave!!!!! Best Session of the

    entire Conference! I came away feeling refreshed and revigorated! Bring Her Back!

  •   Great speaker!! Loved her!

  •   I don't think I learned anything new, but her presentation was outstanding! She

    refreshed everything we already know in a wonderfully entertaining manner! Loved what

    MGM brought to the conference!

  •   AMAZING!!!

  •   A great energetic class. Well timed at the end of the agenda, when I was started to

    become mentally fatigued.

  •   Extremely entertaining! I've heard MGM at a previous conference and enjoy her every

    time that she speaks. It was fun to attend something information yet "light" on the last

    day of the conference. Got me ready to re-enter the "real world" with more energy!

  •   MGM is a wonderful speaker and I would have given my right arm to have all my staff

    present for her talk.

  •   What a breath of fresh air! Taking such a serious subject and making it fun and

    approachable is a true talent. Nice job MGM!

  •   Energetic and effective. This is second time I've heard Maureen. She is always an

    awesome speaker.

  •   I am very glad this was not cancelled. She was one of the best presentations I attended.

    High energy and really motivated the room to become involved inside the session and

    our practice.

  •   Good message......hilarious

MGM & Associates, INC
Maureen G Mulvaney, MGM

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