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Learn from Successful Women Entrepreneur Millionaires.  The Women's Millionaire Club book profiles amazing Women Millionaire Entrepreneurs who made their fortunes in the Home-Based Business Industry.

MGM uncovered their incredible Secret Success Recipe.  
Finally, a book about Successful Women, written for Women, by a Woman! 
Just Follow their Success Recipe to duplicate their Success!

 Follow the Recipe to Unleash Your Millionaire!
Who the heck is MGM?

Maureen G. Mulvaney, better known as MGM, is an internationally known professional speaker and Amazon Best Selling Author of: 
The Women's Millionaire Club ~
The Closely Guarded SECRET SUCCESS RECIPE of Millionaire
Women Entrepreneurs for Owning and Building a Million Dollar
              Home Based Business

What's The Women's Millionaire Club About?

It's about the Million Dollar Success Recipe and Business Ingredients of 21 Top Performing Millionaire Women Entrepreneurs who, with NO prior business experience, did the extraordinary--Created Million Dollar Home Based Businesses.  

What prompted MGM to write The Women's Millionaire Club ?
              MGM heard a startling statistic:  
'56% of the adults, living in poverty, in the USA, are women.'  MGM knew that meant, a huge percentage of children are living in poverty, too.  

"Our children are learning Poverty Skills, Poverty Thinking and Poverty Beliefs. I have to do something to help women and children learn Success Skills, Success Thinking and Success Beliefs," said MGM.  
When MGM could not find a book that highlighted and profiled Successful Women Entrepreneurs,
she did the research and wrote her own book that would help other women discover the Millionaire Inside.  

MGM surveyed, assessed and interviewed Successful Women Entrepreneur Millionaires--CLEAR PATTERNS evolved. MGM captured those patterns in her book and discovered the Secret Success Recipe that each Women Entrepreneur Millionaire used to create their success.  By spotlighting Women Millioinaire Entreprenerus, she gives Women Successful Women Mentors to emulate.

MGM wants to share those patterns and their Secret Success Recipe with YOU!
MGM's Mission: Help Create Conscientious Millionaires, Who Will Make a Gigantic Difference on Planet Earth,
in a Kind, Loving, Fun Way.

Success has a definite RECIPE-- Follow The Recipe--Create YOUR Own Million Dollar Success!
Why is 
The Women's Millionaire Club  so important

MGM provides the reasons for you to open your own business! MGM shows you how to be successful business owners.
The Success Recipe, presented in the book, is a powerful combination of the inner strength, that all women possess, combined with practical business advice. The case studies, featuring strong women role models, are not only inspirational,
but informative to all entrepreneurs. 
The Millionaire Women Entrepreneurs profiled in The Women's Millionaire Clubshare their greatest money making secrets for starting and operating a profitable venture, guiding the reader through the steps to success. The magic of the book is its powerful combination of inspiration coupled with practical business advice.

The Success Recipe requires generous portions of inspiration and practice strategies to help you stir up a scrumptious business. Inspiration is essential in taking that first step to change from an employee to a entrepreneurial business owner. Moving out of your presumed comfort zone can be daunting, but MGM helps make that transition not only simple, but highly successful by declaring Nothing is Impossible to Achieve.
The Women's Millionaire Club is a'MUST HAVE' success tool for all entrepreneurs.

Who Should Purchase The Women's Millionaire Club ?

Any Entrepreneur--whether you're a novice or million dollar earner--This Book Is For YOU!

You'll love this book!   MGM's research proves Success is LEARNED. 
MGM provides the ingredients to cook up your own 'Smashing Success'.  
It was time for a book about Successful Home Based Business
Entrepreneurs... especially Women Entrepreneurs!!!!!!  

Finally, Successful Women Entrepreneur Millionaires Role Models
who were willing to share their success ingredients with others.  

JOIN 'The Women's Millionaire Club'
-Receive a FREE ebook, Science of Getting Rich
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How Did The Women's Millionaire Club Change MGM

The 'Words of Wisdom' from Women Entrepreneurs, profiled in the book, changed MGM at depth.  
Years ago, MGM had arrived in Phoenix, AZ --Flat Broke, Jobless and Licking her Wounds from a
Divorce.  She could have easily become one of the 'poverty' statistics had she not started her
own business and become a Home Based Business Entrepreneur.  

When MGM began her research for the book she was searching for a Simple Success Recipe
that all women
--educated or uneducated, experienced or just beginning, abled or
disabled--- could use to create success in their lives.  When she completed her
research, it became obvious, that she not only had a Simple Secret Success Recipe
but she also had the First Validated STUDY of Top Performing Millionaire
in the home based business industry.  

MGM couldn't wait to share her researched information with others!

MGM knew how extra-ordinary the information she had collected was because
it changed her own life after reading it.  That's right--Although she'd been an 
entrepreneur and small business owner for the past 29 year, teaching, consulting,
coaching and speaking to Women Entrepreneurs around the country,
the information she learned from the exceptional Women Millionaires she interviewed
was phenomenal.  

The book truly helped MGM!  

MGM knew 
The Women's Millionaire Club  could help you, too.  
Let MGM show you 'HOW'.  Using the Secret Success Recipe from the book--MGM teaches entrepreneurs 'How To' use the same Success Recipe the Women Millionaires Used to Create their Success.  

With Focus and Personal Responsiblity--YOU, too, can use the
Secret Success Recipe to create a Million Dollar Business!

                                     Contact Information

Maureen G. Mulvaney, MGM

Website | Email | Phone 1.480.759.6251


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Join 'The Women's Millionaire Club'
-Receive a FREE ebook, Science of Getting Rich
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JOIN 'The Women's Millionaire Club'
-Receive a FREE ebook, Science of Getting Rich
-Receive MGM's Gifts of Possibilities Newsletter 

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