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Success & Leadership - Ingredients and Recipes to create Positive, Productive and Profitable Results
Attitude Technologies? 
Promoting Your Business 
Customer Service 

And More.

M.G.M.'s presentations are unique, practical and CUSTOMIZED TO YOUR ORGANIZATION. MGM blends the latest researched information with personal anecdotes to provide an entertaining yet valuable learning experience. Each presentation is geared to find solutions to your specific organizational challenges. MGM's delivery is always fresh.

MGM is hilarious... participants should be prepared to laugh while they learn!

All Presentations can be a tailored to meet the needs of your organization whether you are searching for an opening Keynote Presentation...or.a Break-Out Session/Concurrent All Day Presentation.

MGM will personally discuss how she will CUSTOMIZE a presentation for your organization. 


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The Women's Millionaire Club author, MGM, is the nation's top Success Expert in the learned traits of successful women. She is an In-Demand popular international speaker and delightful TV and Radio show guest - rich content delivered in a warm yet humorous manner. MGM is asked back again and again.

MGM's Most Popular Presentations:

"Success Secrets of Top Performing Millionaires"

Hire MGM to create a SUCCESS CULTURE for your organization.

MGM discovered the ingredients to create Success Recipes that, with practice, anyone--man or woman, can model and achieve similar results.

MGM simply started her intense Research to answer: Why are some people successful, making lots of money, while others aren't? Is it Luck, Karma, or did the Millionaires, MGM researched, know something we mere mortals didn't know? MGM surveyed, assessed and interviewed, twenty-one Top Performing Successful Women Millionaires, from various home based businesses. She discovered the Secret combination of lip-smacking Ingredients that created Recipes for Million Dollar Success.

Most people want to do a good job. They do not lack a desire to do a good job, they lack the LEARNED SUCCESS SKILLS and SUCCESS ATTITUDES to do a good job.

Book MGM to show your organization a systematic approach to Develop the Habits of Success and Boost your team to Top Productivity and Profitability...CALL 480-280-6776 NOW.

A systematic approach to create a Successful Workforce!

"Turbo Charge Your Business"

Turbo Charge means to BOOST to the most effective level to achieve TOP RESULTS!

MGM helps TUBRO CHARGE your organization to Achieve the most POSITIVE, PRODUCTIVE AND $ PROFITABLE $ RESULTS that Drive your Business to #1!

Participants will learn a Systematic Way to:

  • Define and Support Attitudes that are POSITIVE
  • Develop Personal Skills that are PRODUCTIVE &
  • Create Behaviors that sustain Long-Lasting PROFITABLE CHANGE!

MGM Always Customizes to your NEEDS!

Book MGM to show your organization a systematic approach to Develop the Habits of Success and Boost your team to Top Productivity and Profitability...CALL 480-280-6776 NOW.

A systematic approach to create a Successful Workforce!


MGM teaches participants who are serious about promoting their business ?How To' create endless Streams of Income.

  • 'How To' Attract Paying Clients that are Right for You?finding your market and increasing that market
  • 'How To' Turn those Clients into Lunatic Fans who Refer Others
  • 'How To' Get Er' Done...No BS just Practical Strategies that can be Implemented immediately!

"Attitude Technologies"

Laugh while you learn to harness the energy of CHANGE with 'Attitude Technologies' (simple techniques and strategies) that reframe attitudes to improve productivity, job performance and create a fun-filled work environment.

A Systematic Way to Change Attitudes that Change Behaviors.

  • View CHANGE as a Golden Opportunity to use new consumer patterns and economic conditions to your advantage.
  • Commercials set the Trends...stop watching TV and tune into Commercials...Enjoy the Ride.
  • Create a fun-filled Work Environment to attract and retain Super Star Employees using the secret to a happy, productive staff...the Performance Multiplier.
  • Stay Competitive...Collaborate and Cooperate.
  • Use Spaced Repetition to work less, play more, and still achieve greater productivity on the job and at home!
  • How to gain freedom from the negativity of co-workers, family members and work environment.
  • Saneness training

MGM prepares your participants to view change as a positive force for innovation!

Book MGM to show your organization a systematic approach to Develop the Habits of Success and Boost your team to Top Productivity and Profitability...CALL 480-280-6776 NOW.

A systematic approach to create a Successful Workforce!

Tell us YOUR Theme... MGM will customize to it!

Each Presentation is Customized to your conference theme and geared to find solutions to your specific organizational challenges.

Other Creative Customized Presentations:

The Secret Recipes of Success - Scoops of Love 
(Customized for School Nutrition Services)

The Secret Ingredients to Millionaire Success
(Customized for Home-Based Business Entrepreneurs)

Ingredients for Success in a Down Economy 
(Customized for a Network Marketing Company)

Attitude Technologies to Create a Positive Work Environment 
(Customized for a Fortune 500 Company)

How to Keep From Going Bonkers in Nursing Today! 
(Customized for a Nursing Association)

Reorganize the Last Reorganization 
(Customized for a large Corporation)

Create a Brighter Future 
(Customized for an Educational Institute)


Would you like MGM to speak at your next event? If so, please click here and fill out the form, an MGM Associate will contact you. OR, for immediate assistance  

CALL 480-280-6776 NOW!

Privacy Policy: Your information will not be ?shared with' nor ?sold to' anyone. We will only use your information to Serve YOU better. Tip: The more information you share, the better MGM will be prepared to Serve You.


"MGM was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!  We hired MGM to speak at our opening 'back-to-school' session for our entire staff of kitchen managers, central kitchen staff, and warehouse staff.           After the COVID year we experienced, our staff needed motivation. They needed to know how appreciated they are.  MGM DID NOT DISAPPOINT. 

We received 100's of compliments regarding MGM's presentation.  Our staff told us MGM was the best speaker they have ever seen.  We are so grateful MGM spoke at our event. 

We would have MGM back in a Heartbeak!!!!"

Bobbie Beach
Granite School District, Operations for School Nutrition

"MGM dazzled our managers and consultants with her humorous, high energy, and customized presentation designed specifically for our style of network marketing program. MGM had definitely done her homework, she knew everything about our program. Her warmth and ability to engage the audience moved her into the status of instantly becoming ?one of us'. MGM was motivational and humorous, yet highly practical. The evaluations were outstanding and clamored for us to ?Bring MGM Back'!"

Rita Davenport
President Arbonne International

"'MGM! -Best motivational speaker I ever heard.' Our main goal was to make the participants feel important and appreciated by State Farm. The effort MGM took to find out about our company and spend time with our participants to personalize her keynote address certainly helped make this goal a reality. MGM was FANTASTIC, well worth the money."

Lynn Moore
Education Specialist, State Farm Insurance Companies

"I was particularly impressed with the time MGM took to learn about our Company, our organization and what we stand for and are committed to. MGM did her ?homework' to tailor her presentation so it directly reflected and helped advance our corporate commitments."

Leslie Mawhonney
Allstate Insurance Company

"MGM was both educational and very entertaining. We were impressed with the way MGM was able to personalize the presentation to fit our company and the needs we wanted addressed. I'm sure it was not easy to speak to those involved in the Field of agriculture since they are not a part of her primary area of knowledge. MGM was a very fast learner. Our dealers were impressed with the way she kept us on the edge of our seats and was able to interact with them. MGM made our Nassau convention a Success."

R. Jean Beard
CEO, Energy Miser Grain Dyers

"MGM's presentation was dynamic, hard hitting, practical and very funny! I quite frankly haven't laughed so hard in quite some time. MGM is special among the keynote speakers of the world." ~Jerry Gleason-Vice President & Managing Director -DoubleTree LaPosada Resort "MGM's presentation was so highly received at the Greyhound Corporation, we would love to ask her to come back again. MGM has a very special talent that only a few have!"

G. Pelliteri
Fitness/Wellness Coordinator, The Greyhound Corporation

"It often takes an upbeat, unique style such as MGM to get the attention of sales people and keep them in an enthusiastic state. MGM got all in attendance in the positive frame of mind it takes to be SUCCESSFUL!" ~Bettijune H. Fanning -Division Manager -Bergen Brunswig Drug Company "MGM conveyed exactly the message on changing conditions in health care that we needed to hear following our recent merger."

Luis Silva 
CEO, Mid-Jefferson Hospital/Park Place Medical Center