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MGM: #1 Rated School Nutrition Speaker
             MGM Has Spoken for:
13 NATIONAL School Nutrition Conferences 
Annual Nutrition Conference (ANC)

1989 Orlando, 

1990 New Orleans,

1995 Anaheim, 

1996 Houston

2000 St. Louis,

2003 Baltimore

2012 Denver,

2015 Salt Lake City,

2016 San Antonio,
2017 Atlanta,
2018 Las Vegas,
2019 St. Louis,
2020 Nashville (Cancelled due to Covid-19)

 100's of STATE Conferences School Nutrition Association (SNA)
 500 + School System IN-SERVICES &
 Professional Standards Trainings
 School Nutrition, Child Nutrition, Food Services

What Will MGM Do For Your Event?

MGM will always be a 'SMASH HIT' & YOUR Top Rated

General Session Keynote Speaker...Or Your Money Back!

  • NATIONAL Conferences-ANC for School Nutriton Association

  • STATE Conferences -School Nutrition Associations'

  • REGIONAL Conferences-School Nutrition Associations'

  • 'IN-SERVICES' -School Food Service/Child Nutrition/School Nutrition  

  • School Food Service/Child Nutrition/School Nutrition

  • MANAGEMENT TRAINING -School Nutrition Services

  • TRAINING PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS -School Nutrition                                                       

  • VENDOR CONFERENCES -School Food Service

MGM Customizes to Your Child Nutrition, School Nutrition, or School Food Service Theme(s).

MGM Sets a Positive Tone for Your conference which always makes her a 'Smash Hit' as YOUR General Session Speaker.

MGM has helped thousands and thousands of School Food Service, Child Nutrition, School Nutrition Professionals Change Their Attitude to Change their Behavior. 

MGM Offers a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE to be a 'Smash Hit' for your Event or she'll give your money back.  (If MGM does not receive a TOP RATING from your participants, she will return your money.  MGM takes as big a risk, performing for your conference, as you do in hiring her!)



School Nutrition Association National Conference ANC Reviews:

#1)  MGM Session:  Recipes for Change-With Scoops of LOVE  (ANC -Denver, CO)

  • Attendance:  600 
  • Learned Something New:  99%
  • Top Speaker Rating 4.0 (out of 4 Points)
  • Tommy Jones -Louisiana SNA- "MGM is Amazing and a Positive Role Model.  'I'm Lovin' it'--Like McDonalds.  Must SEE MGM Again!"

Official Participant Evaluations Compiled byShantal Hall, Director of Education,  School Nutrition Association

  • Bring MGM Back! (163)            She Was Great!              Great Motivational Speaker.       I Loved It!    
  • MGM was Awesome!                Wonderful.                    Uplifting Session!                     We need more speakers like this. 
  • Best session here!                    WOW!                          Just What I Needed!                Get MGM Back as Keynote!
  • Fun & Informational.                Excellent!                      MGM is the BEST!
  • BEST Speaker in a LOOOONG TIME!
  • This was the best session I have ever been to!        
  • MGM is dynamic, relates to us, and is a wonderful spokesperson for our work!  I love MGM!
  • Positive Outlook!  Greatly Needed!  Famtastic!
  • Very Encouraging!
  • Wish All Sessions has MGM's Enthusiasm!
  • Renewed my spirit.
  • MGM is Always a Great Session.
  • Have to have in our state.  Loved her presenation. Very resourceful.
  • It was great to be reminded what Power 'Lunch Ladies' Have!
  • MGM motivated me for a great year with my students.
  • MGM is a fireball.  Loved Her!
  • I realized I CAN Make a Difference in one child's life.  Great Session!
  • Most Motivational Speaker I have ever Heard.
  • Amazing Session!  You should haveher as a KEYNOTE Speaker every year.
  • Heard MGM was great.  When I walked in, I felt the enthusiasm.  
  • Embaces Change!
  • MGM made me cry...she showed me I can change lives!  
  • MGM inspired me to do my job better than I do now!  Thank You.
  • MGM was Great!  Fun & Learned a lot!!!
  • I love the enthusiasm & energy MGM has and it is Contagious.  
  • Super Motivation to Change and Improve!
  • Insightful, Powerful, Great Information!
  • MGM's Sessions should be a Requirement!  It was that Good & Inspiring!
  • MGM is Truly inspiring & Uplifting, Soul and Heart Healing!   
  • MGM's session has the MOST HEART OF ANY ATTENDED.   She makes SFS feel valuable & Important!                

#2)  MGM Session:  Super Heroes Exploring New Horizons  (ANC -Denver, CO)

  • Attendance:  300 
  • Learned Something New:  97%
  • Top Speaker Rating 3.9 (out of 4 Points)

Official Participant Evaluations Compiled by:   Shantal Hall, Director of Education,  School Nutrition Association

  • Bring MGM Back! (49)            Very Inspiring!              Motivating!      I Loved It!  
  • MGM was awesome!               Very Fun.                     Good Ideas!    Unbelieveable!
  • Very Good                              Excellent!                     Fabulous!        Very Timely!
  • Learned do the right thing because it's the right thing to do.
  • A very uplifting way to start this conference.  Thank YOU.
  • Made CHANGE LOOK FUN!  Loved this class!
  • Fantastic!  This is soooooooo needed.
  • MGM should be a GENERAL SESSION SPEAKER.  She is the Greatest!
  • MGM was extremely motivational which is sometimes more valuable than Knowledge.
  • Learned to work on increasing participation.  So Uplifting!!!!
  • Learned this is OUR DAY --It's Time to Lead!
  • Learned I will Motivate and Inspire Students, daily.
  • Learned to become a better leaders & do my best.
  • Learned 'Lunch Ladies' Saved the U.S.
  • Learned We Are Important. 
  • MGM made me feel better about the job I do...everyday!
  • Great speaker--made me laugh---made me cry. 
  • Motivation is the hardest part of management.  I loved it!
  • Totally motivated to 'Lead My Team'. 
  • GREAT IDEAS to Redirect Staff from Resisting Change & Start Embracing Improving!
  • MGM was an amazing speaker. The description of this session in the book did not give it justice. 
  • Great points on being a successful Leader. 
  • Would Recommend this session to any Food Service Worker.
  • Shake Your Pom Poms!  Fantastic :)
  • MGM is always dynamic!
  • MGM is Awesome--continue to Bring Her Back!  She needs to speak at the General Session. Everyone needs to hear her message!

School Nutrition Association State Conference Reviews:




~ MGM ~

#1 Rated School Nutrition Association Speaker

                   MGM Reviews

General Session/Keynote Speaker 


Our first, ever, Virtual, AKSNA State Conference, was a 'Smash Hit' because of our

General Session Speaker, MGM. She was worth every penny(83 Participants Virtual Zoom)

*MGM created a hilarious PROMO Video to help us promote our State Conference. 

*MGM attended our entire conference to truly Customize her Finale Presentation just for us.

*Unexpectedly, MGM's greatest added value was that she edited and produced phenomenal

videos of the entire conference for our AKSNA Website.

MGM IS the #1 rated School Nutrition speaker for a reason--she's simply the best! 

~Sue Lampert President Conference Chair

USDA Foods Program Coordinator/ Alaska Department of Education & Early Development


General Session Speaker & Breakout Session

"MGM was the highlight of our Nevada School Nutrition Association conference this year!

She was everything that was promised and more. Her presence and presentations made

those in attendance proud to be working in school food service and excited about what we do!"

~Brittany Mally-NSNA Conference Chair

Director Douglas County School District


General Session Speaker & Breakout Session

"I have been in Food Service for 40 years.  I have been to many conferences.

MGM's General Session and Breakout Session for Nevada SNA State Conference

was the best I have ever heard yet."


We engaged MGM for our New Hamshire State Fall Conference (SNA-NH).

OUR members loved her!

MGM was fun and energetic and knows her audience well.

The evaluations from our conference have a 1 to 5 rating scale. 100% of our attendees ranked MGM at a 5 for her General Session and Breakout. This is the first time that has ever happened in the 25 years I've been involved with state SNA associations. They say, you can't please everyone, but MGM has proved that she can! Since then, I've noticed some of my own employees are using her quotes on bulletin boards and signs in the kitchens.

I'm happy to say we are having MGM back at our next fall conference and we think we'll pack the house!

~Doris Demers, School Food Service Director Oyster River Cooperative School

New Hampshire School Nutrition Association State Conference (SNA-NH)   


"MGM has been a dynamic boost to our California School Nutrition Association chapter membership.  As a supervisory chapter of the CSNA, Mother Lode #45 hosts a wide variety of Industry and Education partners within our membership pool.  From Front Line School Nutrition Professionals to District Nutrition Service Directors, to Sales Managers, to Product Development Teams - it may not take all kinds, but we sure do have all kinds!  MGM delivered her "Leading with Heart: Discover the Leader Within."  During the 3 hour session, Our Attendees were Actively Engaged, Entertained, and Enlightened by MGM's heartfelt shared stories and human relations to our chosen professional field.  As individuals, we may affect small changes - as leaders with heart, we will lead each other to great things!
After the event had concluded, I was contacted by numerous attendees complimenting the event, and specifically the content delivered by MGM.  The highest compliments have been to MGM's personable and approachable method of communicating the BIG PICTURE, and bringing a sense of personal ownership to our purpose: Changing America One Meal At A Time Because It's The Right Thing To Do!"
- April Mackill - President, California School Nutrition Association (CSNA) Nothern Chapter:  Mother Lode #45

"MGM is absolutely the BEST Motivational Speaker on the subject of School nutrition I've ever heard!!!  I especially LOVE how she knew what Child Nutrition employees deal with every day.  MGM really hit thenail on the head at the Mississippi School Nutrition Association Annual Conference and at the School Nutrition Association (SNA) Annual National Conference in Dever, CO.  At both Conferences, MGM was the #1 RATED SPEAKER!  No one can sit through her presentation and not be changed by her energy and passion."

~Alyson Gillum, School Food Service Director 

Mississippi School Nutrition Association State Conference (MSNA)                                                                                               

& School Nutrition Association Annual National Conference (ANC)

"MGM transformed our audience at the School Nutrition Association of Michigan Area 3 Conference! She was worth every penny, easy to work with, and even tailored her presentation to our workshop theme.  Our staff is still talking about what a great workshop we had, and we can’t wait to see her again!" 

~Carolyn Thomas - Child Nutrition Consultant  -Macomb ISD - Michigan School Nutrtion Association Area 3 Workshop

THEME:  "School Meals Are Groovey, Can YOU Dig It"


"MGM's General Session in 2014 was rated #1 by our membership.  Repeatedly, our members put on their evaluations:  BRING MGM BACK!  We Listened.  We brought MGM back for our 2015 SNA State Conference. We had Record Breaking Participation!  MGM Delivered with Back-to-back #1 Rated General Sessions.  MGM is a Passionate School Nutrition Cheerleader!"

~Lynelle Johnson -Food Services Director & SNA of ND Board Member - Conference Chair 2015

School Nutrition Association of North Dakota State Conference (SNA of ND)

"By Far, MGM's General Session was OVERWHELMINGLY Rated POSITIVE + by our Membership.  MGM's Enthusiasm, Motivation and Humor were appreciated by all.  MGM brought her BEST to our Conference as General Session Speaker for Illinois School Nutrition Association. Our members deserved that!" 

~Tracie Suter -SNS, Assistant Director of Nutrition Service & SNA of IL Board Member - Conference Chair 2015

School Nutrition Association of ILLINOIS State Conference (ILSNA)

"MGM---amazing and inspiring presentation to SNA of Wyoming.  MGM's ideas are simple and practical to implement without extra costs!      I used one of MGM's ideas right away our conference and saw positive results from my employees within hours. MGM took the time to understand our School Nutrition barriers and concerns, which made her presentation more meaningful to our staff."

~Shannon Thompson-Emslie, MS, RD, Nutrition Services Program Administrator & SNA of WY Board Member 

School Nutrition Association of WYOMING State Conference (SNA of WY)      

  "I cannot begin to tell you what a great job "MGM" did for our SNAL State Conference.  I would highly recommend "MGM" to any group seeking to motivate and encourage their membership to go to 'the next level!"  Not only is "MGM" a great keynote speaker, she also conducts smaller breakout sessions for your group as well!                            MGM is SUPER-FANTASTIC!"

~Sonjia Kinsey, School Food Service Director & School Nutrition Association of LOUSISIANA  President    

School Nutrition Association State Conference (SNAL)      

“MGM was absolutely fabulous to work with.  She really connected with her audience and it was so special how she personalized her presentation to the group.  She was such a burst of energy which was a great way to kick-start our conference.  Our members loved how she stayed and chatted with them, they felt like she really cared about them.  Everybody walked out of there feeling like a million bucks, thanks to MGM!” 

~Gina Lilley, RD 

Arizona School Nutrition Association State Conference (SNAAZ)

Phoenix Elementary School District #1 -Phoenix, AZ  

MGM has been the Keynote/General Session Speaker for SNAAZ -2002, 2003, 2011, 2013

 "When I heard Maureen G Mulvaney, MGM in Denver at our School Nutrition Association National Annual Convention, she motivated me and made me feel so much better about myself.  I laughed so hard.  I criedEvery emotion ran through my body while I listened to her. MGM motivated me.   When her session was over I ran right up to be put on the list for MGM to come to South Dakota.  I wanted everyone in South Dakota to enjoy her speaking as much as I did. 

MGM is a great inspiration to others.  Many people came up to hug me and thank me for bringing MGM to our South Dakota School Nutrition Association State Conference.  MGM made our conference exciting, fun, and memorable.  I do not think they will ever forget this conference --MGM made it memorable. I Thank MGM so much. She gave such an uplifting message to many that were so quiet.  MGM brought them out of there boxes and made them feel so good like they were the STAR by taking people out of their comfort zone and by remembering and calling them by their names

The very first morning before MGM spoke she came in to say hello.   Before people could sit down, MGM went from table to table to meet and greet everyone and get to know them.  It was very exciting.  MGM made so many people feel so special about themselves and what they do. I know love and happiness was shared by all before MGM was finished speaking.   We had ALL great reviews on her. 

 MGM inspired so many and gave them confidence to go back to work and make it a positive year with a smile on their face. We love our jobs but MGM made it better.   We will never be able to look at children the same way.   We will want to smile at them, call their names, and say nice things to start their day.   We set the limits for a child's day, we are important and can set a child on the right path for the whole day because of how MGM inspired us!"

~Shelly D. Anderson- President Elect & Conference  Chair School Nutrition Association of South Dakota (SNASD)

"MGM's mixture of humor and inspiration kept everyone's attention and was a marvelous addition to our Georgia School Nutrition Association.  Her keynote address 'Recipe for Success with Scoops of LOVE' will definitely be remembered as one of the highlights at our conference.  I would definitely recommend MGM to other groups looking for a humorous, yet inspirational speaker."

~Susan Cheshire, CAE- Executive Director, GSNA   Georgia School Nutrition Association (GSNA)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                MGM has been the Keynote/General Session Speaker for Georgia SNA -2001, 2010, 2013

"Maureen G Mulvaney, aka "MGM!", offered our State South Dakota School Nutrition Association State Conference attendees not one, but two motivating and uplifting presentations. The first, titled "Scoops of Love" was Fun, Engaging, and Enlightening about the power within us "to motivate and inspire the future leaders of tomorrow."

Secondly, the keynote message "My Mama was a Lunch lady" was, to put it simply, INSPIRATIONAL.  To be reminded of the ability we have to help guide and be an influence to others as a positive model of our profession. It was a great way to end our State Conference."

~Scott K. Wahl  South Dakota School Nutrition Association State Conference (SNA of SD)
Director, Nutrition Services & Concessions Watertown School District #14-4


School Nutrition Association IN-SERVICE & Professional Standards Training Reviews:

MGM #1 Rated School Nutrition IN-SERVICE SPEAKER & TRAINER

Hawthorn School District: School Nutrition In-Service

"MGM is WORTH EVERY DOLLAR.  While other departments were falling asleep during their In-Service training, we were dancing, laughing, self-reflecting, re-prioritizing, and gaining a heathy self-awareness of our 'usual' pratices.  MGM has the ability to disarm the toughest individual in the group - affording them the opportunity to evaluate themselves in a safe and funny manner - with the hopes of leading to self-improvement.  MGM definitely gave our audience a gentle dose of self-awareness.  MGM rejuvenated us!

MGM is an energizing, motivating speaker!  This is the second time I have heard her speak, and I plan on hiring MGM again, for a manager’s training.  MGM earns her fee!"

~Anna Apoian, RD, MPA  Food Services Director -Hawthorne School District  -Hawthorne, CALIFORNIA

"MGM was an Insightful, Caring, Ball of Energy. You can tell she loves what she does and has a true passion for children and doing the right thing."         ~ Alex Wahl, Nutritionist Hawthorne School District

"We enjoyed MGM, especially when she talked about how we as employees should have a smile on our faces and say good morning to the students."
~Zela Davis, Hawthrone Food Services Staff

       "I found MGM's In-Service Presentation to be Inspiring, Motivating, and UpLifting. Her Attention to detail was Amazing!"   

~Hector Torres, Accountant Hawthorne Food Services

"MGM was fun and FUNNY...... time went by so fast!  Thank you for getting a great speaker for us!"
~Laura Mena, Manager, Hawthorne School District

"MGM was very good.  She is right.  The students come first. This is why we are here."
~Morena Gonzalez, Hawthorne Food Service Employee

"We laughed. We cried.  It was good."
~Maria Lopez, Manager, Hawthorne School District

MGM #1 Rated School Nutrition Professional Standards Trainer


"MGM’s presentation was like OPENING A BOX FULL OF SUNSHINE! Her ability to relate to Child Nutrition employees and the obstacles they meet                  on a daily basis was phenomenal. MGM delivered an incredible message while incorporating all types of visual and sound effects which kept one’s attention        from the beginning to the end  No one can walk away from this without positive thoughts!"

-Tracy Heck-Director, Child Nutrition and Wellness -Berkeley County Schools -West Virginia

"What a Great and Positive beginning to the school Year! My staff stated " Best Speaker we have ever had at the tri-county training," 

"We enjoyed MGM immensely!"  

-Jinny Demastes-Child Nutrition Coordinator -Jefferson County Schools -West Virginia

MGM #1 Rated School Nutrition In-Service Speaker

"My dedicated small group of 'Lunch Ladies' at Hewlett-Woodmere Public Schools LOVED MGM's Presentation, as did I.  MGM Kept EVERYONE'S attention for the ENTIRE Time, which is unheard of during a PROFESSIONAL STANDARD'S TRAINING.  And...they actually learned something!"                                           -Michelle Rosenthal-Food Service Director -Hewlett-Woodmere Public Schools -Long Island, New York

MGM #1 Rated School Nutrition In-Service Speaker

  Gilbert Public School District: School Nutrition In-Service

"MGM Created a Wonderful Presentation for our School Nutrition ALL Employee Back-To-School In-Service.  Everyone is still talking about how this was the BEST Back-To-School Meeting, Ever!!!

I appreciate MGM's enthusiasm.  MGM's content was customized to School Nutrition and Pertinent to What We Do!  MGM IS AWESOME!!"

~Debbie McCarron, RD  Director of Nutrition Services -Gilbert Public Schools-Gilbert, ARIZONA

MGM #1 Rated School Nutrition In-Service Speaker


"The participants enjoyed MGM's session ('The Magic Kingdom~The School Cafeteria: CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR KIDS') and are looking forward to taking the information that they gained back to their local schools to enhance their program. MGM was wonderful! Our participants Loved her!"

~Lydia Going  Region 8 Child Nutrition Program Specialist  SCHOOL NUTRITION TEXAS

MGM #1 Rated School Nutrition In-Service Speaker

Santa Clara County School Districts

"I had the pleasure of first seeing Maureen G. Mulvaney, “MGM”, speak at a State School Nutrition Association Conference in the late 1980’s.  Since then, I have seen her speak at numerous State and National conferences.  I am always amazed by her unique style and the motivational messages she shares so graciously with her audiences.  She is such a dynamic motivational speaker with a keen ability to hold your attention for hours!  By far, MGM is the best speaker ever to be part of the school nutrition arena because she takes the time to know us and to learn about our jobs.  I truly believe she is a great spokesperson for our noble cause of feeding safe and healthy meals to our kids, “the future leaders of tomorrow”, as she refers to them.  

More recently, five Santa Clara County Schools Districts featured Maureen G. Mulvaney, “MGM”, for their keynote address at an August 2013 back-to-school workshop for Child Nutrition Employees.  Her spontaneous joy and laughter filled the room as she kicked off our event with everyone shaking pom poms and dancing around the auditorium—including our CBO and Superintendent!  MGM delighted the audience with thought provoking stories from her “Superheroes and Hairnets” presentation.  Everyone was on the edge of their seats as her uplifting, motivating remarks captured the attention of the entire audience.  She brought us from laughter to tears to laughter.  MGM left us all feeling better about ourselves, more sensitive to how we treat each other, and with a stronger sense of  importance for what we do in our daily jobs as we begin this new school year.  She was truly a smash hit with our employees who have already been asking if we can invite her back to speak with us again.  MGM is loved and adored by her audiences.  If you are looking for a speaker to lift and inspire your organization, MGM is the one!"

~Tish Litchfield, M.S., R.D. , Director, Student Nutrition Services-Cupertino Union School District-Cupertino, CA                                              Past President California School Nutrition Association

MGM #1 Rated School Nutrition In-Service Speaker

"We recently had MGM speak to our Nutrition Services Workers during our Back-to-School Trainings.  MGM kept the audience captivated and enthused about being receptive to change.  We truly are "motivating and inspiring the future leaders of tomorrow."  2013

~Clifton F. Toomey, JR  Supervisor of Nutrition Services, Indian River School District-Selbyville, DE


"MGM spoke again at our Back-to-School Nutrition Services Kick-Off on August 22, 2017.  MGM held the audience’s attention and kept them engaged for the better part of three hours.  Many of the attendees have expressed how much they enjoyed MGM’s enthusiasm and excitement for School Nutrition Services."  [PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS 3140 : CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR KIDS]

~Clifton F. Toomey, JR  Supervisor of Nutrition Services, Indian River School District-Selbyville, DE

"...It’s been a few days since MGM was at our San Lorenzo USD Student Nutrition Services In-Service and she is still the “buzz”.   Not only is my staff is  talking about her, but they took the information back to their schools and shared it with their Principals, and they are talking!  I am seeing the Pom poms that she used for the presentation in the cafeteria managers offices and in my delivery trucks (they said that they want to remember her message!!).  She really hit home and made the staff feel as important as we all know that they are.

I would recommend MGM to anyone….at anytime…..It might be something good to have on those days in March when everyone needs alittle lift!!  I welcome her back any time.  It was well worth the wait to get her!!!!!!!!"

~ Sandee Larsen, Director-Student Nutrition Services -San Lorenzo Unified School District-San Lorenzo, CA

Create More Positive, Productive and Profitable Cafeterias!

MGM customizes each and every presentation to the School Nutrition Professionals' needs.

What Makes MGM so unique and popular within the School Nutrition Arena is the fact that MGM grew up in School Food Service as her mother was an extraordinary 'Lunch Room Lady'.   Again and again and again  School Nutrition Professionals rate MGM as the 'Most Passionate Speaker on the topic of Child Nutrition' they have ever heard!  MGM has been an Advocate for Child Nutritional Services, for the past 30 years. 

MGM will make your audience laugh, cry and come away feeling '10 feet high'. Your participants will,                once again, claim their rightful position as the Best Part of Each Child's School Day~School Lunch!

Karen Papilli, School Food Service Director: 

"I have never heard a more motivating speaker than MGM on the subject of                       SCHOOL FOOD SERVICE!!!"

Janet Celi, past president NJ School Nutrition Association:

"We've hired MGM numerous times because we know she is a guaranteed 'Smash Hit'.  

           She always encourages our participants to visit our vendor partners and like magic, they do. She also gets them to support our association by asking them to come back next year with a friend. MGM is 'One Of US'."

#1 Rated School Nutrition Professional Standards Trainer

Phoenix Union High School District: School Nutrition PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS TRAINING


[Customer Service for Kids: The Magic Kingdom ~ The School Cafeteria]

"MGM is the #1 School Nutrition Trainer for School Nutrition Professional Standards--that's how my School Nutrition Leadership Team Rated her!!!!  MGM's Professional Standards Training is Transformative [Customer Service for Kids: The Magic Kingdom ~ The School Cafeteria].    MGM Engaged my Team to Create a Vision and Mission to Build a Customer-Centered School Nutrition Program with Heart.  Everyone is still talking about how this was the BEST Training, Ever!!!  But what's more important, they are implementing the Training into their cafeterias!!!!!!"

~Ken Patterson, Division Manager Nutrition Services -Phoenix Union High School District -Phoenix, AZ

MGM has spoken for:
  • School Nutrition Association, Annual National Conference (ANC)  MGM has presented 10 Times                      
        (formerly American School Food Service Association -ASFSA) 
  • 1989 General Session Speaker for Annual National Conference (ANC)
  • 1990 General Session Speaker for Annual National Conference (ANC)
  • 1995 General Session Speaker for Annual National Conference (ANC)
  • 1996 General Session Speaker for Annual National Conference (ANC)
  • 1999 General Session Speaker for Annual National Conference (ANC)
  • 2003 General Session Speaker for Annual National Conference (ANC)
  • 2012 Breakout Sessions Speaker for Annual National Conference (ANC) Denver, Colorado
  • 2015 Breakout Sessions Speaker for Annual National Conference (ANC) Salt Lake City, Utah
  • 2016 Breakout Session Speaker for Annual National Conference  (ANC)  San Antonio, Texas
  • 2017 Breakout Sessions Speaker for Annual National Conference (ANC)  Atlanta, Georgia

General Session Speaker for School Nutrition Association (SNA)              State Conferences
  • Alabama School Nutrition Association
  • Alaska School Nutrition Association
  • Arizona School Nutrition Association
  • Arkansas School Nutrition Association   
  • California School Nutrition Association
  • Colorado School Nutrition Association
  • Connecticut School Nutrition Association
  • Delaware School Nutrition Association
  • Florida School Nutrition Association
  • Georgia School Nutrition Association
  • Idaho School Nutrition Association
  • Illinois School Nutrition Association
  • Indiana School Nutrition Association
  • Iowa School Nutrition Association
  • Kansas School Nutrition Association
  • Kentucky School Nutrition Association
  • Louisiana School Nutrition Association
  • Maryland School Nutrition Association
  • Massachusetts School Nutrition Association
  • Missouri School Nutrition Association
  • Minnesota School Nutrition Association
  • Mississippi School Nutrition Association
  • Missouri School Nutrition Association
  • Montana School Nutrition Association
  • Nebraska School Nutrition Association
  • Nevada School Nutrition Association
  • New Jersey School Nutrition Association
  • New Mexico School Nutrition Association
  • New York School Nutrition Association
  • North Carolina School Nutrition Association
  • North Dakota School Nutrition Association
  • Ohio School Nutrition Association
  • Oklahoma School Nutrition Association
  • Oregon School Nutrition Association
  • Pennsylvania School Nutrition Association
  • South Carolina School Nutrition Association
  • South Dakota School Nutrition Association
  • Tennessee School Nutrition Association
  • Texas School Nutrition Association (Texas Association of School Nutrition TASN)
  • Utah School Nutrition Association
  • Virginia School Nutrition Association
  • Washington School Nutrition Association
  • Wisconsin School Nutrition Association
  • Wyoming School Nutrition Association
  • General Session Speaker for a variety of other industries associated with Food Service

MGM's customized presentations have included:

  • "How to Keep From Going Bonkers in School Food Service"

  • "Customer Services for Kids"
  • "Creating Super Star Cafeterias to Create Super Star Kids"
  • "Recipes for Success~With Scoops of Love"
  • "How to Create a More Positive, Productive and Profitable Cafeteria"

  •  "Super Heroes in Hairnets"
  • "Success Recipes-To Be More Positive, Productive and Profitable"
  • "Under the Big Top"

After hearing MGM present to the Delaware School Nutrition Association (DSNA) ,

a Food Service Employee related the following story to MGM:

"My director made me come to your session. I was angry and didn't want to be there. As I sat in the audience, I heard you say 'Instead of yelling, at the students, to hurry on down the line, wouldn't it be just as easy to say, 'Come on down the line YOU Little Super Stars.' You told us that we could make a difference with the children. You said we could help raise their self-esteem, which would raise their IQ. I went back to our school to try your new techniques just to prove you wrong. As the students came down the line, I said ,'Good Morning you little Super Stars.' It brings tears to my eyes to tell you what happened. In all my 25 years, I've never heard the cafeteria so quiet. The students were in shock. One little boy, who had never said a word since he began school, looked at me and asked, 'Are you calling me a Super Star?' When I replied, 'YES' he beamed like a Shining Star and said, 'Thanks, that makes me feel good inside.' Such an easy thing for me to do made such a huge difference for that little boy. I couldn't believe it! I will continue to be positive and teach others to do the same. MGM...You changed my life...I will never go back to being negative or behaving so angrily with the children."


Food Service


JR Simplot 
Spartan Foods
AZ Dietitians
Navajo WIC
Food Marketing Institute
Nutrition Conference
School Health Conference
Correction Food Services Association

Virginia Fairfax County School Food Service
Hillsborough County School Food Service
Isaac School Food Service 
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ANC-Annual National     Conferences
  • 1989 - 0rlando, FL
  • 1990 - New Orleans, LA
  • 1995 - Anaheim, CA
  • 1996 - Houston, TX
  • 2000 - St. Louis, MO
  • 2003 - Baltimore, MD
  • 2012 - Denver, CO
  • 2015 - Salt Lake, UT
  • 2016 - San Antonio, TX
  • 2017 - Atlanta, GA
  • 2018 - Las Vegas, NV
  • 2019 - St. Louis, MO
  • 2020 - Nashville, TN

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Book MGM to make a difference with your School Nutrition Association,

Child Nutrition or School Food Service Group. 
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School Nutrition Child Nutrition Reviews:

"MGM is a Fabulous Keynote Speaker for State and National School Nutrition conferences. MGM knows her audience, the issues surrounding the school nutrition business and delivers knock out presentations that takes her audience on a journey from start to finish. MGM empowers them to believe they can overcome any barriers while handing them real life situational tools for success." ~Ann Pennington, Child Nutrition Services Director, Alaska Gateway School District/ Alaska School Nutrition Association State President

"MGM was amazing to work with.  She rolls with the flow.  Our conference was a huge success due to her upbeat, energizing key note and follow up breakout sessions.  We can’t wait to have her return next year!!" ~Linda Martin  Wyoming School Nutrition Association, SNA of WY,  President

Participant Comments from Wyoming School Nutrition Association, SNA of WY, 2013 Keynote Presentation:                                "MGM was very motivational.  She reminded me that I can make a difference!"  "MGM was very inspiring.  She made me think how much a simple thing like a smile makes a big difference to someone having a bad day." "I was really inspired by MGM"  "Fantastic.  I really enjoyed the speaker MGM.  How positive and informative.  Great Speaker!"   "MGM was so much fun and so lively that you were engaged in her class"    "I needed the motivation and hydration of spirit that “endorphinating” gave!!"   "MGM reminded me to think positive"   "Would really like her to come back another year."   "Love! Love! Love MGM"   "Bring back MGM.  She is amazing."  "Bring MGM back!!!"   "Loved MGM"    "MGM was uplifting"   "Very inspiring.  MGM’s energy was contagious.  Very good presentation"   "MGM was well prepared and enjoyable to listen to and learn from"   "MGM had so much energy that she inspired you to do a better job."   "MGM---Upbeat---attention getter----not boring"   "Wonderful speaker"   "Please bring MGM back"   "MGM addressed some pressing concerns both personally and in the work place."   "MGM helped me realize I may not be reacting to the children the way I want."   "Would love to hear MGM again!" "MGM was incredibly informative, fun and left me wanting more!!"   "I would bring more staff to hear MGM if possible!"   "I thoroughly enjoyed MGM"   "MGM shared lots of ideas to make life situations more positive"  "MGM was very positive and passionate ----Bring Her Back!"  "Please Bring MGM Back!!"


"MGM IS a wonderful spokesperson for School Food Service- and she highlights the important role that all “Luscious Lunch Ladies and marvelous meal men” play in the health and ability to learn of all students.

When I have the opportunity to join her at a conference, I love to stand at the back of the auditorium and watch the response of the members- especially the ones hearing her for the first time.

MGM’s positive message is oftentimes the first time these folks get to understand their valuable place in schools- and it truly opens up their minds to how important good nutrition is for all kids."

~Barry Schuster-President/ CEO Universal Seating Company / Creator of Profit Producing School Food Courts/  Sponsor of MGM

Barry Schuster, President/ CEO
(800) 330-7328