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Millionaire Success Assessment & Top Performer Comparison
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Plus 1 hour read with MGM 

Your Very Own Individualized Success Profile that shows you 

exactly what YOU need to Adjust to Achieve Millionaire Success in Direct Sales.

                                 Finally Quit Your Job & Make MORE MONEY! 

Learn How to Achieve a Greater Degree of Success in Life and DIRECT SALES!

MGM discovered the Learned Behavioral Traits and Energy Styles of Top Performing Women Millionaires in Direct Sales. For the first time--EVER--you can now be assessed and compared to these Top Performers so that you know exactly what YOU need to Adjust and Tweak to gain Success in Direct Sales. You will receive a pin-point accurate comparison of the Top Performers and YOU. Instead of fumbling around trying to figure out what you need to do to achieve greater Success--NOW you will know exactly what YOU personally need to adjust. Of course, even this Cutting-Edge Tool will not Work unless YOU DO!

Achievers throughout history have had one thing in common-they KNOW THEMSELVES. Successful people don't underestimate what they can do. They don't sell themselves short. They know their own strengths and take full advantage of their strengths.

"I became the Sponsoring Queen--The Success Assessment and Top Performer Profile showed me exactly what I personally needed to Adjust to create Success. I now have my own Individualized Success Plan! ~
Kelly Avenoso, PE (Professional Engineer)

The Assessment and Profile Comparison is a must for all who wish to be extremely Successful in Direct Sales.

  • A one-of-a-kind assessment measures Behavioral Traits and Energy (the amount of energy one uses in accomplishing tasks) and Energy Styles.
  • The Top Performer Comparison shows you exactly how you compare to the Women Millionaires from the book. You will discover whether you need to adjust 10%, 20% or more to ALIGN with Top Performer's Success. By Adjusting just one small aspect of yourself--that until now has been hidden from you--everything in your business adjusts upward. Greater Success!
  • This is the First and ONLY assessment that compares you specifically to the other Direct Sales Top Performers.


  • You will receive an invaluable 25-page report all about you!
  • You will receive an individualized report comparing you to the Top Performers with the exact items that you need to adjust to achieve Top Performer Success in DIRECT SALES!
  • You will receive a 'Success' Read from MGM!
  • You will receive a Road Map, an Individual Success Report to Get What You Want in Life!
  • You will KNOW YOURSELF!