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MGM's Clients - Healthcare Who Have Hired MGM

MGM customizes each and every presentation to your healthcare needs --whether you are an Association, Organization, Hospital, Clinic, or individual Medical Practice or Dental Practice.

Creating Positive Healthcare Environments

Having a National Conference, State Conference, Board Retreat, Administrators Symposium, Managers Training, Nurse's Week Activity or Community Event, Women's Event? MGM will CUSTOMIZE A PROGRAM to your organization's needs.

MGM has spoken extensively to Hospital Administrators, Medical Group Management Association Practice Administrators, Hospitals Staffs', Medical Staffs', Health Care Associations, Nurses, Health Care Systems, Medical Group Management Associations, Medical Practices and a variety of other organizations associated with Health Care concerns.


National Medical Group Management Association Convention        
Las Vegas, Nevada & San Antonio, Texas

Official Participant Evaluations from MGMA (Medical Group Management Association)

"MGM was absolutely wonderful!!!!!  It should be a REQUIREMENT to see her speak.  What a hoot!
She taught a lot and was motivational.  After all the knowledge packed, dry seminars, this was a breath
of fresh air.  MGM's presentation is unforgettable."

"WOW...WOW...WOW!  MGM provided Exceptional Information Delivered in an Outstanding Manner.
I just wandered in and could not leave!!!!!! BEST SESSION OF THE ENTIRE CONFERENCE!  I came
away feeling refreshed and revigorated!  Bring MGM Back!"

"MGM is a wonderful speaker and I would have given my right arm to have all my staff present for her talk."

"What a breath of fresh air!  Taking such a serious subject and making it fun and approachable is a true talent." 

"MGM was one of the best presentations I attended.  High Energy and Really Motivated the entire room to
become involved inside the session and our practice." 

Healthcare Groups

Healthcare Groups

Medical Group Management Associations (MGMA):

National Conferences:

2012  Las Vegas, Nevada Conference

2013  San Antonio, Texas Conference

Medical Group Management Associations' (MGMA)      State Conferences:

Arizona Medical Group Management Association 

Alaska Medical Group Management Association  California Medical Group Management Association  Iowa Medical Group Management Association

Kansas Medical Group Management Association Maryland Medical Group Management Association 
Mississippi Medical Group Management Association 

Missouri Medical Group Management Association 
Montana Medical Group Management Association

New Jersey Medical Group Management Association

New York Medical Group Management Association
North Carolina Medical Group Management Association 
Ohio Medical Group Management Association 
Oregon Medical Group Management Association 

Pennsylvania Medical Group Management Association 
Texas Medical Group Management Association 
Virginia Medical Group Management Association 

National ASSN. Medical Staff Services-NAMSS

  • Florida
  • California
  • New York
  • Indiana
  • Arizona

WI Council Nurse Managers
NM Indian Nurse Association
AZ Nurse Anesthesists
IN Organization of Nurse Executives
NAON-National Assn. of Orthopedic Nurses
AORN-Assn. of Operating Room Nurses
National Assn. of Post Anesthesia Nurses
Neonatal Nurse Practitioner's Assn.
GA Nurse Practitioner's Assn.
LPN Association
NY Nurses Union
IHS National Council of Nurse Administrators
Nurses Assn. of the American College of 
Obstetrics & Gynecologists
Beebe School of Nursing
ISU-Nursing Symposium 

Administrators & Physicians:
Greater Albuquerque Physicians Association
Kaiser Permanente Physicians 
Sun Health Inc. Executives
Bottomly Associates-Medical Sales Executives
St. Mary-Cowin Hospital Administrators
American Radiologist Administrators' Assn.
Sisters of Charity Administrators' Conference
Medical Group Managers Association
Lutheran Health Service Management Co.
Medical Administration VA Medical Center
Organization of Nurse Executives
Nurse Executive Forum
Northern AZ Hospitals' Management Team
IN Hospital Food Service Administrators
JC Lincoln Case Managers
Lovelace Physicians & Hospital Administrators Women's Symposium
Holy Name Hospital & Women's Center

HealthCare, Dental, Women & Hospitals:
CO Health Care Assn.
IN Hospital Assn.
AZ Hospital Assn.
FL Hospital Assn.
WVA Hospital Assn.
Family Hospital 
Tuba City Hospital
JC Lincoln Hospital
Phoenix Memorial Hospital
Phoenix Indian Medical Center
Mesa Lutheran Hospital & Women's Center
Piqua County Hospital

NM Dental Association
AZ Dental Association
Indian Health Services Dental Clinic
AZ Society Hospital Pharmaceutics
Advanced Cardiovascular Seminar
Cancer Society
IHS Radiology
Dieticians for Hospitals
School Health Conference
Health Educators Network
AZ Dept. of Health
AZ State Public Health
IN Assn. Quality Assurance
Good Sam Society
Sante Health Systems
General Health Systems
MVP Health Plan
Centra Health, INC.
Lancaster Health Alliance
Psychiatric Institute Ft. Worth
Health Services Consultants
Paudre Valley Hospital Physicians
Univ. Miami Medical Women-Physicians
Women's Health Conference NC
Springhill Memorial Hospital
Naples Community Hospital
Winter Haven Hospital
St. Joseph's Hospital
Logansport Memorial Hospital
Lenoir Memorial Hospital
University Medical Center Tucson
Humana Hospital
University Community Hospital
Baptist Hospital
Willis Knighton Medical
Tallahassee Regional Medical Center
Hancock Memorial Hospital
Winchester Medical Center
Washington City Hospital
Manongalia General Hospital
Tahoe Forest Hospital
WW Hastings Indian Hospital
Washoe ER Staff
St. Joe's Medical Center
Windsor Hospital
John Muir Medical Center
Ann Arundel Medical Center
St. Vincent Hospital
Kathryn Well Center
Kaweah Delta Hospital
Mid-Jefferson Hospital
St. Margaret Hospital
Clarkesville Memorial Hospital
John Muir Medical Center
JFK Memorial Hospital
Howard Community Hospital
Mercy Hospital
Martin Memorial Medical Center
Montezuma Hospital
Methodist Hospital
Park Place Hospital
Keokuk Hospital
Memorial Hospital
Western Baptist Hospital
OK Hospital
Maricopa Medical Center
St. Joseph's Hospital
Yuma Regional Medical Center
OK Indian Health Service
Winona Memorial Hospital
Flower Memorial Hospital
Lakeland Regional Medical Center
Indian River Memorial Hospital
Claremore Indian Hospital
Methodist Hospital
Wickenburg Community Hospital
Scottsdale Memorial Hospital
Humana Hospital
Washoe Health Services
Phoenix Baptist Hospital
Memorial Hospital
Riley Memorial Hospital
Lovelace Medical Center
St. Mary's Medical Center
El Dorado Hospital -Tucson
Maryvale Hospital -Phoenix
Swedish Hospital -WA

Long Term Care:
National Assn. Homes for the Aging
AZ Assn. of Homes and Services for the Aging
Franciscan Sisters Home for the Aging
Good Shepherd Villa
GAHSA Institute on Aging
IN Nursing Home Assn.
AL Nursing Home Assn.


What HealthCare Professionals are saying about MGM:

"At our Strategic Planning Retreat, MGM's humor, wit and common sense helped ease the tensions that coping with so much change had created for many of us. Our physicians gave MGM the HIGHEST RATING they had ever given a speaker".

Sunny McFarren
VP, Planning & Marketing, Lancaster Health Alliance

"I think the most meaningful part of MGM's presentation was her ability to tailor the presentation to our organization's needs. MGM's enthusiasm and energy were incredible!"

Rex Etheredge
Chief Executive Officer, Jacksonville Memorial Hospital

"MGM conveyed exactly the message on changing conditions in health care that we needed to hear following our recent merger."

Luis Silva
CEO, Mid-Jefferson Hospital / Park Place Medical Center

"To have forty members of a management team remain fully attentive for 3 hours with no excuses to make phone calls was a first. The evaluations from management and the Women's Symposium were EXCELLENT!"

Barbara Hayman, RN, BSN, FHCE
Director, Education Services

"MGM was able to so deftly customize her delivery to our themes, to support our strategic objectives, and to validate the fine work that was accomplished during the day."

Jim Novak
Vice President, Human Resources, Sherman Health Systems


What Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) Professionals are saying about MGM:

"I will forever be amazed at the way MGM absorbed the loads of data I sent to her about MGMA and turned it into the BEST presentation I've ever participated in. "Participate" is the key word-everyone in the audience joined in, laughed, and made a great deal of effort to get to know their neighbor. (And, it all happened so naturally.) The success of our conferences is dependant upon great presenters who know what they are talking about and make us walk away shaking our heads affirmatively and bringing something home that we can use everyday. MGM accomplished just that!"

Christi Conwell
Conference Chairperson, AZ Medical Group Management Association (AZ MGMA)


"We are unanimous in our praise of MGM's seminar. MGM had us laughing from the moment of her entrance into the room and was "right on" in her targeting and addressing the day to day stresses and worries we share. Learning how to accept change, learn from it and even embrace it is hard for most of us, but MGM's presentation opened our eyes to the reality of change and helped provide a framework to place it in! I hope to have the opportunity to hear MGM again in the future and will forward this letter to our national PAHCOM Executive Committee-I think they would be very happy if they were able to get MGM to do a presentation for our Annual Meeting sometime in the future."

Sue Thatcher
President, Greater Albuquerque PAHCOM - Office Managers/Practice Administrators


"MGM is a gifted motivational speaker. This lady was incredible!! Give your staff the "gift of a positive attitude". It will change their lives!"

Tammy Stoltz
Arizona Medical Group Management Association Participant, Practice Administrator, Pima Community Access Program (PCAP)


"MGM had done research regarding our group - she truly spoke to us about us!!! We walked away from this conference feeling AMAZING and ready to implement new, positive ideas into our practices. Thanks MGM!!!"

Stacey Berndt-Conference Chairperson, Kansas Medical Group Management Association (KS MGMA) 


"MGM has an amazing and unmatched energy and synergy with her audience. Her very positive, touching and simultaneously HYSTERICAL presentation resonated so deeply with me that I was moved to laughter and tears. She is so genuinely enthusiastic and connected to her message that she hijacks your endorphins, changes your paradigm and makes you want to run out of the conference hall and be the best whatever-you-happen-to-be! Very impressed. "

Kristin Callaway-New Jersey Medical Group Management Association (NJ MGMA) -Atlantic City, NJ


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What Medical Group Management Associations (MGMA) are saying about MGM's programs:

"Maureen G Mulvaney, MGM, had done research regarding our Kansas Medical Group Management Association--MGM truly spoke to US about US!!!!!! We walked away from our KMGMA State Conference feeling AMAZING and Ready to IMPLEMENT new POSITIVE IDEAS into OUR PRACTICES."

Stacey Berndt
ansas Medical Group Management Association (KMGMA)

 "MGM has an amazing and unmatched energy and synergy with her audience.  Her very positive, touching and simultaneously HYSTERICAL presentation resonated so deeply with me that I was moved to laughter and tears.  MGM is so genuinely enthusiastic and connected to her message that she hijacks your endorphins, changes your paradigm and makes you want to run out of the conference hall and be the best 'whatever-you-happen-to-be'!!!  Very impressed."

Kristin Callaway
New Jersey
Medical Group Management Association (NJMGMA)

Comments Participants posted for the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) National Conferences in Las Vegas, Nevada and San Antonio, Texas

"Maureen G Mulvaney, MGM-the most inspiring speaker I have EVER seen in my twenty plus years in medical management.  MGM made it so exciting, extremely informative, used lots of examples and real life situations.  Time went by quickly and the room was full capacity plus some were standing.  MGM was full of excitement and joy as she went around the room and met every single person before she spoke to us.  You need to bring MGM back Every Year!  A motivator and a leader!!!!!"

"MGM had a simple message that was delivered very effectively.  I believe this session did more to Improve the Stregth of Practices than any other session!"

"I loved MGM's session; it was the most meaningful and best presentation of the entire Medical Group Management Association National Conference!"

"MGM was a riot!  Nice to learn and laugh at the same time.  Hitting the nail on the head with laughter."

"Easily the best and most-unbiased presentation that I attended the whole week.  I attended by accident, and was very thankful of my error."

"Extremely upbeat and uplifting.  I am a first time attendee at Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) but have attended many national Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) meetings.  MGM's session was the liveliest and most entertaining session I've ever attended!" 

"I needed MGM's sessioin!  She had the right words at the right time!  Thanks MGM for not giving us more of the gloom & doom!  Shake Your Pom Poms!!!!!" 

"Very Energetic, funny session Yet Extremely INFORMATIVE."  "Wonderful, exciting, thoughtful Speaker!"  "BRING MGM BACK EVERY YEAR!!!!!"


What Nurses are saying about MGM's programs:

"In my 35 years as a nurse and health care manager, I have heard many keynote speakers at many, many annual/national meetings. I have been bored by many, motivated by a few. NO ONE HAS SO POINTEDLY ADDRESSED HEALTH CARE ISSUES AND PROBLEMS AS MGM DID. The reason MGM was so successful in making her audience look at issues with a 'new set of eyes' was her ability to use humor and laughter to drive her point home. I can truly say we were all disappointed when MGM's presentation was over."

Joan Hutton 
AAUMN (American Association of Utilization Management Nurses)

"We have presented quality, national speakers to the staff in the past and received average evaluations. MGM's presentation rated all 6's & 7's on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being excellent. In a time of short staffing and low morale, MGM's sessions had remarkable attendance, especially as the word "got out" from the participants about this phenomenal speaker. The Lovelace staff are "raving fans" of MGM!

Denine Gronseth, RNC, BSN
Education Nurse Specialist- Lovelace Health Systems

"MGM was at the top of the chart in our evaluations, the special attention she devoted to preparing specifically for our audience paid high dividends. As a keynote speaker, MGM motivated us and set a positive tone for the entire day. MGM's high energy presentation was exactly the information we need in these days of downsizing and reorganization of healthcare. During this period of transition, change and continued uncertainty in the healthcare environment, we found MGM's advice particularly valuable in helping us appreciate the real essence of our profession, and the importance our attitude plays in helping us handle stress and enjoy our work."

Patty Geiger, RN, BSN, CCRN &
Michele Faris, RN, BSN 

Symposium Co-Directors, Kansas City AACN (Critical Care Nurses)

"Initially, the committee was hesitant to bring in a non-clinician to speak at our Teaching Day, but the excellent evaluations and feedback proved to us that it was a great decision. Oncology nurses, in this community, had been relatively immune (we thought) to the changes going on in our local health care system. Recent reorganizations and mergers have left most of us 'going bonkers', so MGM's presentation was particularly relevant as we continue to face the challenges of providing quality care in an evolving workplace. MGM's message, as well as her incomparable methods of delivery will be with us for some time to come. I can only hope that nurses in other organizations will be allowed to benefit from MGM's wisdom."

Mary Angerame, MS, RN, C-ANP, OCN, ACRN 
Oncology Nursing Society